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歡迎參加、參觀 2022第36屆山東(濟南春季)廣告展



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  • 電話:0531-87111981
  • 傳真:0531-87114586
  • 地址:濟南市槐蔭區齊州路中建錦繡廣場1906-1907
Jinan Advertising Exhibition is one of the top ten brand exhibitions in Jinan and one of the key exhibitions vigorously cultivated by the municipal government. The exhibition has been awarded the Jinan Municipal People's Government and the Shandong Provincial Exhibition Industry for many years. Strong support from the Association and the Exhibition Industry Association of Jinan. Over the years, we have maintained the characteristics of “internationalization, branding and specialization”. We have been adhering to the principle of “leading the LED market of Shandong advertising logo with strong dialogues with well-known enterprises all over the country and the world, and achieving your advertising excellence”. It has been held for twenty-nine sessions and has won high praise and extensive support in the industry, especially in the Shandong advertising industry, and has formed a stable exhibitor group and a large-scale professional visiting buyer team.
The organizing committee has achieved a great leap in the invitations of exhibitors and professional audiences for several consecutive years. The scale of the exhibition and the number of professional visitors have made historic breakthroughs! this exhibition will definitely provide a wonderful industry event for exhibitors and visitors.


上海匯展商貿有限公司第二分公司 地址:濟南市槐蔭區齊州路中建錦繡廣場1906-1907
電話:0531-87111981 傳真:0531-87114586魯ICP備18047915號-3  吉峰網絡